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Due to the high volume of visitors and the huge selection of games, Silver Dollar Casino is one of the most popular online casinos. The visitors of the website will immediately notice that Prime boasts casino so that more than 2 million players who can play with potential customers. In addition, they have nearly 300 different casino games (such as Blackjack or roulette), that the players can enjoy, which is why Prime really belongs to the larger online casinos casino. We look at us, what has to offer in addition to its size, for example with regard to casino game casino download and online casino bonus.

Download/look of the software Nothing striking at the graphics or the interface of Silver Dollar Casino. But that does not mean that Microgaming's Viper software would be poorly readable or indistinct. But there's simply nothing, from which the viewers could - be impressed nothing spectacular while playing. Download a really positive aspect work the casino for the user quite easily.

Ease of use In terms of user-friendliness Prime must work is obviously a good Casino, because otherwise the Casino could hold no more than 2 million players with him. An advantage of the Casino is definitely the fact that the software in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and of course German may be used. Upgrades can be done while the user uses the software.

Game selection Silver Dollar Casino provides a really huge number of casino games. If you find no diversity here, then you'll find them anywhere. At Silver Dollar Casino players between 280 different games can choose? These include incredible 30 different Blackjacks, 8 different roulette games and colossal 140 slot machines. Some of these machines the jackpots exceed $ 5-million partly.

Offered bonuses While the selection of Casino may stand out games, nothing can be at Silver Dollar Casino online casino bonus offer determine. Players will receive upon registration a 100% online casino bonus on up to $ 100 or up to $ 250, if special conditions are met. Of Silver Dollar Casino loyalty programme, players earn points as they play one of the casino games (Craps, Blackjack and many more), which can then be converted into credits.

Deposit/withdraw funds Silver Dollar Casino offers its players sufficiently many deposit and withdrawal methods. Credit cards can be used for financial transactions of visa, MasterCard and also for example NeTeller, EcoCard, FirePay, Ukash and Moneybookers. Direct telegraphic money order is also available to customers.

Customer service Silver Dollar Casino offers customer service via email and phone, but no live support that has become standard at almost every online casino. There are three different phone numbers, which can contact customers with problems or questions for the UK, Canada and the rest of the world. The customer service of this online casino about support is accessible via E-Mail.

Conclusion In the light of the masses, the Silver Dollar Casino to win, can enjoy the Casino seems to be obvious, a place players on the. The online casino bonus and the software are not outstanding (although the casino download easily and quickly work), but there is a huge variety of different casino games at this online casino that keep the players busy, and also Silver Dollar Casino has a very good reputation.